Warriors’ Nemanja Nedovic to miss FIBA World Cup, according to agent

Warriors guard Nemanja Nedovic, who suffered a foot injury earlier this month while playing for Serbia’s national team, will miss the FIBA World Cup, according to his agent.

“After last medical check, there is no doubt,” agent Misko Raznatovic tweeted Wednesday. “Nemanja Nedovic, unfortunately, will miss World Cup in Spain. He needs to travel to Usa, on Sat.”

The Warriors said Friday that Nedovic was suffering from right foot inflammation as they looked to make a further review of the guard’s condition. Serbia coach Aleksandar Dordevic told reporters on the same day that the injury was a “delicate” one.

After the Serbian team previously informed the Warriors that Nedovic suffered a stress fracture, it later announced that test results did not confirm their fears of a fifth metatarsal fracture.

Nedovic remained sidelined since going down Aug. 3 during an exhibition game against Bosnia in Italy.


Warriors’ Stephen Curry predicts he’ll beat Steve Kerr in 3-point shooting contest

Warriors guard Stephen Curry might have lost to coach Mark Jackson in a friendly 3-point shooting contest last season, but Curry feels he’ll do better facing new coach Steve Kerr.

Curry was asked at the NBA2K Uncensored roundtable discussion in New York City who would win in a 3-point contest between him and Kerr, according to Bleacher Report, and Curry said, “Me.”

“I feel like all great shooters have that confidence no matter who you go up against, you’re going to feel like you’re going to win,” Curry said.

Curry, who led the NBA in made 3-pointers last season, noted that Kerr has the NBA’s top all-time 3-point shooting percentage at 45.4%. Curry is right behind his coach at 44 percent from beyond the arc.

“I’ve got confidence in myself,” Curry told ESPN’s Mike & Mike last week. “I’m sure he would probably say himself as well.

“I’m sure that competition’s going to happen pretty quick once training camp starts…So I’m gunning for him, and hopefully he puts me in position to make that happen.”

Kerr was asked at the Warriors Basketball Camp in Walnut Creek earlier this month if he would challenge Curry to the contest.

“I don’t think I will, but he’s probably going to challenge me,” Kerr said. “I know it’s coming, so I better get my arm loosened up. That’s going to be a tough one.”


Videos: Warriors players, coaches take part in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as fans asked to join in

Warriors associate head coach Alvin Gentry not only accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but also is calling upon all Warriors fans to dump ice water over their heads and donate money to charity.

The Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon has spread ALS awareness across the country as everyone from a Splash Brother to the Warriors’ new head coach is getting in on it.

“Everyone in Warrior Nation, we’re challenging you to the Ice Bucket Challenge,” Gentry said in a video that big man Festus Ezeli posted Monday.

So here’s a compilation of the other videos that Warriors players and coaches have been posted in case you need some inspiration for taking the plunge.

Stephen Curry

Steve Kerr

Draymond Green

Aaron Craft


Warriors’ Stephen Curry on guarding top point guards: ‘I definitely want that challenge’

Warriors guard Stephen Curry told Dime Magazine he wants and expects to take on a more significant role on defense under new coach Steve Kerr.

Former assistant coach Brian Scalabrine said last week Curry wanted to guard top point guards last season and that it was head coach Mark Jackson that made the call to take the “easy way out.”

“One of the things, he [Jackson] made the decision some games to put Klay [Thompson] on the main ball-handler because Klay is a great defender, obviously,” Curry confirmed to Dime. “He’s long and athletic and can hound quicker guys. I definitely want that challenge and I expect that challenge coming into next season.

“But I go into every game expecting — there’s not a game where I don’t guard the opponent’s point guard or whoever their best guard is at some point during games, you always — you can’t take breaks is all, you know. I might not have that, last year I didn’t have that responsibility to start most games, but you have it at some point.”

Curry could get that opportunity. His defense is something he’s worked on and has been praised by one of Kerr’s assistants, Ron Adams. In June, Warriors executive board member Jerry West told CSN Bay Area of Thompson, who has been asked to defend point guards, “I think he would be so much better if he could just cover two guards all the time defensively.”

“Steph wanted to guard Chris Paul,” Scalabrine said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “He wanted to guard Tony Parker. I can guarantee you. Everyone that knows Steph Curry knows that he’s like an elite competitor.

“But as a staff, Coach Jackson made that decision in saying, ‘Hey, I’m not going to challenge this guy. I’m not going to push this guy to be better on both ends of the floor. I want to save him for the offensive end.’ Look, I think Steph Curry if he was challenged day in and day out to defend, if you want to win a championship, you have to be able to defend your position.”


Warriors’ Stephen Curry carded again, has drink order upheld by California Pizza Kitchen manager

Warriors star guard Stephen Curry is one of the NBA’s most highly recognizable players, but at 26 years old, he has grown accustomed to getting carded because of his baby-faced appearance.

It happened again after the season at a California Pizza Kitchen in the Bay Area about 15 minutes from his house, as Curry told Dime Magazine, only this time he didn’t have an identification card with him while out with his wife.

“So I ordered a beer, and I didn’t have my ID with me, ‘cause I left it in the car and I thought she’d recognize me,” Curry told Dime, referring to the waitress. “So the waitress asks, and I was like, ‘uh, is your manager here,’ and I took my chances with him knowing who I was, and…he knew. But she basically — yeah — she wouldn’t give me the benefit of the doubt, knowing that I didn’t look like I was over 21 and not knowing who I was.”

Curry joked about the exchange, agreeing that the CPK manager probably was happy the waitress was being diligent in not serving underage customers. He ended up having to use his celebrity to convince someone he was at least 21 years old.

“I don’t think she knew basketball at all, so I don’t think it registered,” Curry said.


Warriors’ Stephen Curry to play off the ball more often in Steve Kerr’s new-look offense

Warriors guard Stephen Curry has high hopes after becoming an All-Star for the first time last season.

“I’m trying to establish myself as the best point guard in the league, and just that that quest for a championship is something that I value highly,” Curry told CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday.

New coach Steve Kerr, who as a TNT broadcaster gave Curry a vote for the All-NBA second team last season, will look to help his star player get there by taking some pressure off the guard who carried the load for Mark Jackson’s offense.

According to associate head coach Alvin Gentry, that means taking the ball out of Curry’s hands more often with big men doing more passing so that the All-Star doesn’t have to work as hard every night to score.

“I think if you talk to Steph, I don’t know if he wants the ball in his hands that much at all like it’s been in the past,” Gentry told KNBR. “It’s one of the things we talked about with Steve Nash in Phoenix as he got a little bit older. It’s very tiresome when you come down and basically have the ball 80 percent of the time and you’re creating shots and everything for yourself as well as other players.

“I think we’ll try to alleviate some of that with Steph as far as pitching ahead and getting the ball from one side of the floor to the other, running some pin-downs for him where he can come off and catch-and-shoot, and as I said, try to create easy baskets for him. By ball movement, I still don’t think it’s going to affect Steph one way as far as the shots that he gets, the assists that he has.”

Curry averaged career highs of 24 points and 8.5 assists per game last season, and now when he plays off the ball, the Warriors will have help running the offense. The Warriors envision newly signed guard Shaun Livingston as a player who would not only back up Curry, but also play with him.

“The ideal thing for us was to add somebody that could play alongside Curry because we didn’t just want a 12-minute-a-night guy,” general manager Bob Myers said last month.


Warriors release 2014-15 schedule

Here’s the Warriors’ 2014-15 schedule:


Wed   Oct 29    at Sacramento            7:00 PM

Sat     Nov 1         L.A. Lakers            7:30 PM            NBATV

Sun    Nov 2     at Portland                  6:00 PM

Wed   Nov 5         L.A. Clippers         7:30 PM                ESPN

Sat     Nov 8     at Houston                  5:00 PM

Sun    Nov 9     at Phoenix                   5:00 PM

Tue    Nov 11       San Antonio           7:30 PM

Thu    Nov 13       Brooklyn                7:30 PM                  TNT

Sat     Nov 15       Charlotte                7:30 PM

Sun    Nov 16   at L.A. Lakers             6:30 PM

Fri     Nov 21       Utah                         7:30 PM

Sun    Nov 23   at Oklahoma City      4:00 PM            NBATV

Tue    Nov 25   at Miami                      4:30 PM

Wed   Nov 26   at Orlando                   4:00 PM

Fri       Nov 28   at Charlotte                 4:00 PM

Sun    Nov 30   at Detroit                   12:30 PM


Tue    Dec 2          Orlando                  7:30 PM

Thu    Dec 4          New Orleans          7:30 PM                  TNT

Sat     Dec 6      at Chicago                   5:00 PM

Mon   Dec 8      at Minnesota              5:00 PM

Wed   Dec 10       Houston                  7:30 PM

Sat     Dec 13   at Dallas                   11:00 AM

Sun    Dec 14   at New Orleans           3:00 PM

Tue    Dec 16   at Memphis                 5:00 PM

Thu    Dec 18       Oklahoma City     7:30 PM                  TNT

Mon   Dec 22       Sacramento           7:30 PM

Tue    Dec 23   at L.A. Lakers             7:30 PM

Thu    Dec 25   at L.A. Clippers          7:30 PM                   TNT

Sat     Dec 27       Minnesota              7:30 PM

Tue    Dec 30       Philadelphia          7:30 PM

Fri     Jan 2          Toronto                  7:30 PM

Mon   Jan 5          Oklahoma City     7:30 PM            NBATV

Wed   Jan 7         Indiana                   7:30 PM

Fri     Jan 9          Cleveland               7:30 PM                ESPN

Tue    Jan 13    at Utah                         6:00 PM

Wed   Jan 14       Miami                     7:30 PM

Fri       Jan 16    at Oklahoma City      5:00 PM                 ESPN

Sat     Jan 17    at Houston                  5:00 PM            NBATV

Mon   Jan 19       Denver                    1:00 PM

Wed   Jan 21       Houston                 7:30 PM                ESPN

Fri     Jan 23       Sacramento           7:30 PM

Sun    Jan 25       Boston                     5:00 PM

Tue    Jan 27       Chicago                  7:30 PM

Fri       Jan 30    at Utah                         6:00 PM

Sat     Jan 31       Phoenix                   7:30 PM

Tue    Feb 3      at Sacramento            7:00 PM

Wed   Feb 4          Dallas                      7:30 PM                ESPN

Fri       Feb 6      at Atlanta                    4:30 PM

Sat     Feb 7      at New York                4:30 PM

Mon   Feb 9      at Philadelphia           4:00 PM

Wed   Feb 11    at Minnesota              5:00 PM

Fri     Feb 20       San Antonio           7:30 PM                ESPN

Sun    Feb 22    at Indiana                   3:00 PM

Tue    Feb 24    at Washington            4:00 PM

Thu    Feb 26    at Cleveland               5:00 PM                TNT*

Fri       Feb 27    at Toronto                   4:30 PM

Sun    Mar 1     at Boston                     3:00 PM

Mon   Mar 2     at Brooklyn                 4:30 PM

Wed   Mar 4        Milwaukee             7:30 PM

Fri     Mar 6        Dallas                      7:30 PM                ESPN

Sun    Mar 8        L.A. Clippers       12:30 PM                ABC*

Mon   Mar 9     at Phoenix                   7:00 PM

Wed   Mar 11      Detroit                     7:30 PM

Fri       Mar 13   at Denver                     6:00 PM

Sat     Mar 14      New York               7:30 PM

Mon   Mar 16      L.A. Lakers            7:30 PM                ESPN

Wed   Mar 18      Atlanta                    7:30 PM

Fri     Mar 20      New Orleans          7:30 PM

Sat     Mar 21      Utah                         7:30 PM

Mon   Mar 23      Washington           7:30 PM

Tue    Mar 24   at Portland                  7:30 PM                   TNT

Fri       Mar 27   at Memphis                 5:00 PM

Sat     Mar 28   at Milwaukee              5:30 PM

Tue    Mar 31   at L.A. Clippers          7:30 PM                   TNT


Thu    Apr 2         Phoenix                   7:30 PM                  TNT

Sat     Apr 4      at Dallas                      5:30 PM

Sun    Apr 5      at San Antonio           4:00 PM            NBATV

Tue    Apr 7      at New Orleans           5:00 PM

Thu    Apr 9         Portland                 7:30 PM                TNT*

Sat     Apr 11       Minnesota              7:30 PM

Mon   Apr 13       Memphis                 7:30 PM            NBATV

Wed   Apr 15       Denver                    7:30 PM              ESPN*


* ESPN Radio