Warriors GM Bob Myers Dishes on His Star Point Guard

I cornered Warriors general manager Bob Myers to talk to him about his star player. Not even six months ago, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place with Stephen Curry. He wanted to sign him, but was it wise to pump all that money into a player with a persistent, perhaps career-threatening ankle issue? Is it too precarious to let him play it out and see how his ankle responds, risking he goes off and gets a max contact the Warriors couldn’t match?

In the end, Curry took a discount and Myers took a leap of faith. And now, they’re in the playoffs and Myers looks like a genius.

Q: You said you gave Curry the extension because you believed in him. Why?

You know why I had such a strong belief in that is because of who he is. Usually in life, the people who deserve success and put in all the time— even if you have obstacles and hurdles to overcome — usually it does happen. He happened to have some major hurdles. Not that anybody deserves that, but he didn’t deserve it. He doesn’t deserve it. He handles life the right way, he treats people the right way. So I always felt like a guy like him, he was going to get his opportunity to shine. And he obviously has.”

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