Jarrett Jack Fined $25K by NBA

The NBA announced Warriors guard Jarrett Jack has been fined $25,000 for verbal abuse of a game official.

The incident occurred at the conclusion of the Warriors’ 118-116 loss against the host Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. Jack was visibly upset at the officiating and let the refs hear it after the horn sounded.

Several calls went against the Warriors down the stretch. Stephen Curry was called for a foul fighting through a screen, leading to free throws for Steve Blake. Jack was knocked to ground while coralling a loose ball but no foul was called. Klay Thompson appeared to have been fouled on a fast-break layup but didn’t get the whistle.

The Warriors were whistled for 33 fouls, leading to 50 free throw attempts by the Lakers. Los Angeles was whistled for 17 fouls, leading to 16 Warriors free throws.

The officials have been scolded for their performance, especially by Lakers fans. So is the fine the NBA’s way of saying they don’t think the officials were bad? It seems like if they reviewed the film and saw the officials were as bad as everyone says, they would let Jack slide. (I guess here I need to pause and make sarcasm clear. Some Warriors fans are still foaming at the mouth over the Lakers game. Too soon? Clearly, the NBA isn’t going to let a fine slide as an acknowledgment of poor officiating.)