Surgery for Troy Hudson; out 3-4 months

There will be a full story up on the Web site momentarily, but in the meantime, T-Hud told the Times exclusively at this morning’s shootaround that he’s going to undergo arthroscopic surgery after Jan. 1 to repair a small labrum tear in his left hip, and will miss three to four months with the rehabilitation. Given that there’s less than four months remaining in the regular season (which ends April 16), it’s almost certainly a season-ending procedure for Hudson — and most likely the end of his Warriors career, which is a shame because he’s a solid guy who deserves better.

UPDATE: Story is up on the site.

— Geoff


Troy Hudson’s career finished?

A little note-gathering went a long way at the Target Center this morning. Reporters who were initially looking to grab some quotes about Troy Hudson’s return to the arena where he spent the last five seasons were told by coach Don Nelson that the 11-year veteran may have made his final NBA appearance because of recurring problems with his left hip.

Hudson, who has played in only nine games as a Warrior, is expected to miss at least a month — if not far longer.

“I think Troy’s probably done. I don’t think he’ll play again,” Nelson said. “I’m serious. It’s unfortunate, but he has a hip problem, and I haven’t heard a second opinion, but it doesn’t look good for him. . . . We’re quite concerned that he may not be able to play again. Right now, we’re talking maybe four to six weeks off, and then check again, but he has some (bone) spurs on his hip and arthritic conditions, and it’s just not a positive thing.”

Hudson initially had a flare-up of pain in his hip during the first week of the season. After sitting out 12 games for rest and treatment, he tried to play through what pain remained. That comeback lasted for seven games over two weeks before the pain grew too intense to continue.

“After you wake up day after day limping a different way, you start thinking, ‘Man, I’ve got to make sure this is right before I’ll be walking funny at 35,'” Hudson said.

Hudson has not played since Dec. 12 against Portland. He will see a specialist in New York this week, and plans to see another one in Colorado in the near future, although an appointment is not set.

When Hudson had his initial consultation and MRI scan in November, doctors broached the idea of surgery to repair the hip. But that option would probably cost him 12 to 18 months — a tough prognosis for a guy on a one-year deal.

“If I did have to get a surgery, it could be a surgery where it takes a year and a half to recover,” Hudson said. “A guy who’s 31, 11 years in the league, can’t really take a year and a half off. You would basically have to say, ‘OK, my career could be over.’ Not from the standpoint that I can’t play any more, but the fact that a lot of teams wouldn’t take a chance on a guy who was 33, who had a hip surgery, who’d been out a year and a half.”

— Geoff