Richmond to speedy drivers: Ease off that gas pedal there …

Stop sign

Picture by Flickr user Kevin McCarthy under Creative Commons attribution license

One of the most common traffic complaints in Richmond are the drivers who flout the posted speed limits, infuriating pedestrians everywhere.

Engineers say they have found a way to help slow down gas pedal-happy drivers starting this summer. The city wants to spend $175,000 on stop signs, upgraded traffic signals, pedestrian medians and other devices at 16 locations.

Is your street on this summer’s work list? Here’s a presentation the city gave at a recent meeting that shows the 16 locations and what improvements are being considered.

Of course, more streets need help than just these. The city will get to them as funding becomes available, officials said.

A draft traffic safety study that outlines all the streets that need improvement — not just those eyed for this summer — is expected to reach the City Council soon. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

Katherine Tam

Katherine is a Bay Area native and has been a reporter working for various publications for 11 years. She has been covering the city of Richmond for three years. She can be reached at ktam@bayareanewsgroup.com.