Car fans missed some classic rides at the Richmond Auditorium

Richmond scheduled a Customs, Classics and Show at the Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, but whether it was too nice a day, too many other events going on or something else, only three entries showed up that morning and the show was ultimately called off. The three that came, all from the Northern California Cruisers Club, were nice entries: John Louden (’55 Chevy Nomad), Rich Burke (’66 Mustang), and, Doug Crooks ( ’39 Dodge). Thanks to Cathie Louden for sending us the picture. The club is accepting entries for its annual Cruisin’ in the Sun show on June 26 in Old Town Pinole.

Chris Treadway

  • slim

    The problem was the outrageous entry fee for guys to show there car. Just finished building a $30,000 car and have to pay $35.00 to show it off so they can charge admission to make a profit . Even if all money is donated to a charity the owners should not have to pay $35.00 when most shows charge $20.00. I could have had 25 cars from our club there if the entry fee wasnt so high. Greedy shows like this will never last and the turnout showed it.

  • This comment above is not mine. Note the one “l” …

  • OK, now after reading the story … if YOU can afford $30K for an auto … come one buddy! 😉