The Faria family home in its original Pinole habitat

Pictured above, from the West County Times photo files, is a 1987 view of the Faria family home at its original setting overlooking Pinole Valley Road.
The 1880 house, originally built by Pinole pioneer Dr. Samuel Tennent for his newly wedded son, James, was moved to Old Town in 2005 and renovated.In the early 1900s Joseph Dutra Faria and his wife, Maria Nunes Faria, moved into the home, raising 11 children and overseeing a dairy ranch across the street.
The open land where the home sat is now the site of the Kaiser Permanente medical offices, where a plaque will be commemorated on the southeast corner of Henry Avenue and Pinole Valley Road by the Pinole Historical Society.
“George Vincent, PHS historian and storyteller, will be conducting the ceremony. Also speaking will be one of the Faria sisters, Dolores Lucas, and Vice Mayor Peter Murray,” writes historical society member Jeff Rubin.
“Three generations of Farias lived in this home, most notably William (Bill) Faria and his wife, Margaret. Bill raised dairy cows on his father’s ranch across the street from this home in the 1920s and 1930s,” Rubin notes. “Bill’s three daughters, Margaret, Deanna, and Dolores, will attend the dedication. Margaret and Deanna live in Pinole. Dolores lives in Benicia.”
As for the Faria house, “It now sits at 2100 San Pablo Ave., preserved as a historical landmark and, hopefully, the future home of the Pinole History Museum.”

Chris Treadway