Vintage photo of El Cerrito Plaza — can you identify the cars?

Here’s a West County Times file photo of El Cerrito Plaza as most remember it, before the Mobil gas station with the freaky cylindrical pumps in the foreground was fenced off and the center had not one, but two bars (the Mel-O-Dee and Kirby’s Station).
Capwell’s (not Emporium) was still the dominant anchor, but the center also had a popular Woolworth’s.
While you revel in the view of how things once were, can you identify the make and year of the car at the pump at the Mobil station or the year of the Caddy being serviced at the garage. What about the van parked in the back?

Chris Treadway

  • John Stashik

    At the pump, maybe a Studebaker. Hood up: A Cadillac. My guesses.

  • Chris Treadway

    No question that’s a Caddy being serviced.
    The wraparound rear window brought a Studebaker to mind, but I wasn’t sure whether it was used on other models.

  • Gary Lara

    What great photos! I certainly appreciate you posting these. Any idea what year these were taken?
    Would love to see any additional photos. Especically from the other side of the mall.

  • Chris Treadway

    This was probably the late ’80s. I’ll see what others I can find.

  • Carolyn Rissanen

    I’m looking at the cars and thinking late 70s Chris – anyone else?

  • Nikki

    My dad owned and operated that gas station. I remember being there a lot. What a great shot of it thatnks for posting.

  • Leah Thornbury

    Pretty sure that’s a VW Rabbit near the station…