Richmond is pulling out all the stops to welcome LBNL with e-petition

We already know Richmond “hearts” LBNL.
And we’re pretty sure UC Berkeley knows it too after the rousing town hall meeting July 21 at the Memorial Auditorium.
But with other East Bay suitors planning their own pitches, Richmond wants to emphasize its support for the proposal to build the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory second campus at university-owned property on the city’s shoreline.
The banners welcoming LBNL are still up on Macdonald Avenue and similar electronic messages are again being shown on the new marquee at Civic Center and the Jumbotron billboard at Pacific East Mall.
With the university’s decision a few weeks away the city has started an online signature-gathering campaign.
The city manager’s office is advising that “the City is now gathering electronic “signatures” for a petition to be sent to Lawrence Berkeley Lab personnel reminding them that we look forward to welcoming LBNL to the Richmond community. Those wishing to express this point of view are encouraged to provide your e-signature http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/forms.aspx?FID=207 to know that the Richmond community warmly welcomes LBNL, and that Richmond is a great place to live and work. We will make sure that this electronic petition is sent to LBNL as they finalize their location decision.”

Chris Treadway

  • Pam Ramirez

    Richmond deserves a chance to show its pride and grow with the addition of the LBNL campus. Richmond needs employment opportunities and economic growth that this campus would provide. Richmond, like most communities is struggling but many good people live in Richmond and hope to continue to bring Richmond back to a sense of pride and caring. Hopefully the arrival of something like LBNL would give even the hardest of residents a sense of hope that things can change for the better.

  • Al Guggemos

    I am looking forward to the day when I’m walking down the Bay Trail and viewing the LBNL campus knowing that all is good.

  • Elizabeth Bartson

    Hi, It sure would be nice to have LBNL in Richmond at a beautiful site by the shoreline!!