First place winners in the Richmond Writes! haiku and poetry contest

Richmond Writes! entrants Verenice Ortiz, Dijonae Denise Davis and Ella Winchester of Sheldon Elementary proudly hold their certificates presented at the City Council meeting.

First place, elementary

“Untitled,” by Emily La, Mira Vista Elementary

It was so funny because toad read
a story to his seeds
Toad thinks that if he does something
hilarious like reading a poem to his seeds
they will grow
Toad was shouting too much but
he will never be able to shout to his seeds
Toad does not have to do all that work

“The Protest,” by Ella Winchester, Sheldon Elementary

Luckys will not hire
Blacks will now march in protest
Five lucky blacks hired

First place, high school

“A Child’s Place,” by Alicia Rosales, Salesian High

When self-expression
Was a temporary tattoo
When lying and cheating
Brought shame upon you.
When a consequence
Was a scary notion
No evil plots
Were put into motion.
When nationality
Was too big of a word to learn
And when sexuality
Was never a concern.

First place, LEAP

“Untitled,” by Antonia Yancy

Walking barefoot on the sand
The horizon was beautiful
Warm, salty and spicy smelling

Special award, Haiku Society of America

“Butterfly,” by Mercedes Mann, Washington Elementary

While the butterfly moves
What do you think
It’s dreaming

Special award, California Poets in the Schools

“My Neighborhood,“ by Richie Rodriguez, Washington Elementary

The loud train tracks by the houses
the park by the houses,
and the families that live in the houses
the cold wind blows in the night,
the dogs howl at the moon,
and the sounds of the TV,
I smell the spaghetti, and the
bananas, and the delicious Hot Pockets,
the hot dogs, and the creamy coffee
in the morning.

Chris Treadway