Point Richmond: It’s the Wild Turkey Shoot, gobble-gobble-gobble

Video from the Turkey Shoot from 2011 gives you an idea of the morning festivities.

If you haven’t been to the Wild Turkey Shoot held each Thanksgiving morning in Point Richmond, you really should — at least once.
An early Thanksgiving day parade of humans, canines and goats; a poetry reading with a new stanza added each year; a pouring of Wild Turkey or other beverages — what’s not to like?

Here is the announcement for this year’s gathering on Nov. 27, 2015 from the Point Richmond Business Association:


The Annual Turkey Shoot (no animals harmed) Parade will take place on Thanksgiving morning at 10am where we will meet at the Plunge 1 East Richmond to gather a crowd whereby we will enjoy a walk thru town to arrive at the parking lot behind Starbucks to listen to a traditional Thanksgiving poem with a new stanza by local poet Andrew Butt. We will then raise a toast of Wild Turkey ($5 a shot) or Sparkling Apple Cider to give Thanks for all that we have!

Chris Treadway