Richmond considers soda tax

The Richmond City Council Tuesday will consider asking residents to vote to impose a tax on soda. Councilman Jeff Ritterman is proposing a tax equal to 1 percent per fluid ounce of soda, with the revenue going to anti-obesity programs.

Several residents have already emailed Ritterman to protest what they’re calling an “obesity tax.”

“Apparently our council believes we’re incapable of thinking for ourselves or at the very least thinks a regressive tax is the only way to force all those low income, soda swilling Americans to mend their misguided ways,” wrote resident Felix Hunziker in an open letter.

Ritterman argues that just as tobacco taxes have helped reduce smoking, sugary beverage taxes would help reduce the over-consumption of sugary beverages.

It’s sure to make for an interesting council meeting.  In the meantime, here’s an a gross-out PSA that speaks to just how sugary soda is:


Hannah Dreier