Richmond: Kaiser ship-launching song from the 1940s, part 3

The JAC's performing "Boogie-Woogie Santa Claus" on Saturday aboard the SS Red Oak Victory.

The “Ship of Lights” gala in the cargo hold of the SS Red Oak Victory in the Port of Richmond brought supporters of the World War II ship together for dining and holiday songs on Dec. 3, featuring vocal trio The (Jan Gill, Alan Sauer and Charrie Cobler).
Last month the trio performed the song “Smooth Sailing,” the official ship launching music of the Kaiser shipyards in Richmond that likely hadn’t been performed in public since the end of the war in 1945.
The JACS again performed the song on Saturday, this time doing a reworked version that added three-part harmony.
Here we present their latest, much richer sounding version from Saturday:

Chris Treadway