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It’s the annual herring run in Point Richmond

By Chris Treadway
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 12:12 am in El Cerrito, Pinole, Port Costa, Richmond.

If you haven’t been to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline in Point Richmond lately, word is obviously out among the sea gulls that this is the place to be.
The annual herring run is an event not to be missed, but so far this year the buzz (or squawk) is not as great as last year.
A few seal lions were around Saturday and the pelicans came out at sunset, but right now it’s the sea gulls’ show and all we can do is think of Hitchcock.

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  • Bob Collins

    I was fishing at the Point Richmond Southern Pacific’s old railroad docks, where a pier juts out from the park. I didn’t catch a thing…there were about 50 seals in the area and they all acted with military precision as they rounded up the herring and scared the bigger fish off. There must have been several thousand sea gulls in the immediate area. They knew where to go and, unfortunately, so did the seals.