Tractor trailer stymied by El Cerrito convenience store driveway

A truck delivering soda to the 7-Eleven in El Cerrito got stuck entering the driveway Friday morning.

A truck delivering soft drinks to the 7-Eleven in El Cerrito on Friday morning learned the hard way why you shouldn’t enter the parking lot from the Ashbury Avenue side.
The steep angle of the driveway and slope entering that side of the parking lot left the truck’s trailer resting on the pavement, unable to move.
Frequent shoppers at the convenience store already know about the pitfalls of the driveway, which is notorious for scraping bumpers of cars that enter or exit too quickly.
The truck driver had to wait for a tow truck that could lift and unwedge the heavy trailer.
A Coors truck making a delivery suffered a similar fate several years ago.

Chris Treadway