Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League game reports for May 12

Here, better late than never, are the Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League game reports for May 12, compiled by Bora Reed

    Younger Division

North Berkeley Investments Sparkling Penguins 16, Strategic Economics Ruby Robbins 8
The Ruby Robbins started out strong with Saskia Knight’s hard single into left field. The Penguins answered back, nabbing 3 outs early in the top of the first inning. The Penguin’s Loren Breidenbach led off the teams batting with an unstoppable single. The Ruby Robbin’s Noa Teiblum closed the first inning with a third out to stop the Penguin’s from scoring more runs. The Penguin’s Gabriela Lerman and Katie Hennig helped cut the Ruby Robbin’s batting short, making a third out in the top of the second. In the third inning, Robbin’s Olivia Eknoian hit a run scoring single into Center Field. Katie Hennig hit a big double and kept the Penguins scoring in the bottom of the third inning. The Penguin’s Aniyansi Qunitero closed the game with a single and RBI, her second of the game.
Dr. Brehnan Lightning Bolts 12, Alliance Graphics Purple Dragons 11
On Saturday, as the Alliance Graphics Purple Dragons met the Dr. Brehnan Lightning Bolts, the Dragons’ Taigah Brown was the first to wow the crowd when she grabbed a grounder at second base and through to first. The Lightning Bolt runner was safe, but it was a great play all around. In the second inning Taigah hit a pitch down the third base line to score two Purple Dragons, Norrie White and Magda Eros. But the Lightning Bolts came back, with Taylor Hillgardner throwing out a runner from third base and then knocking in a run the next inning. Summer Salas and Cigan Valentine also had hits for the Lightning Bolts, and the winning run was knocked in by Tess Flinchbaugh

    Middle Division

Five Little Monkeys Black Lightning 3, Prin Chiropractic Yellow Jackets 0

With Sydney Taylor pitching for the Lighting, the Yellow Jacket’s Layla Souza started the game with a solid hit to center, but a force at second and two strike outs ended the inning. In their half of the inning the Lightning recorded back-to-back singles by Kieran Sinnott and Danielle Kitaoka, but also failed to score, with the Yellow Jackets’ third base Kira Williams’ throw to the catcher PB Fross catching the lead Lightning at the plate for an out. The second inning was quieter, with five strike outs, and an out at first, Lightning second base Sara McIntosh to Elka Saaf covering the bag for the out. The third inning started quietly as well, with Elka pitching for the Lightning, and allowing only one runner, the Yellow Jackets’ Fross, who was stranded at third after a double and steal. In the bottom of the third, the Lightning’s bats finally came out: after a solid single by Sydney, Asia Brantley made the team’s first bunt attempt of the year, advancing the runner and beating out the throw for a single. Kieran also singled, and all three scored before Yellow Jacket pitcher MacKenzie Andrew caught Sara’s infield pop-up to end the inning.
Woohoo Fit Awkward Monkeys: 7, Adobe Enchiladas: 0
The visiting Monkeys climbed to a two run lead in the top of the first on hits by Hannah Lane-Goldstein and Kaitlyn Bailey. Enchilada Grace Schafer Perry at second base closed the inning with a pair of outs. In the top of the second, the Monkeys swung into action for three runs. Violet Marshall and Ellie Dischinger hit singles and Lane-Goldstein added a booming triple. Defensively, an alert tag-out at first by Sonya Love and solid pitching by Jaelin Brun retired the side. The Enchiladas spiced things up in the bottom of the second with singles by Taylor Kempf and Genelise Hazen, but were held scoreless by the tight grip of the Monkey defense. In the top of the third, the Monkeys scratched out one run. Great defensive back-up by Enchilada right fielder Emma Chamberlin held Monkey runners on overthrows at first base. In the bottom of the third, Chamberlin and Schafer Perry hit singles, but Monkey pitcher Lane-Goldstein worked the strike zone to hold the Enchiladas scoreless. In the top of the fourth, the Monkeys drove in one run on a single down the left field line by Lucy Elser. Enchilada pitcher Avery Rasband settled into a rhythm and three consecutive strikeouts closed the top of the fourth. The Monkeys chewed through the Enchilada order in the bottom of the fourth holding them scoreless on one infield hit and three strikeouts.


Friedman Brueggemeyer Fantastic Flying Pans 15, Albany Rotary Cyclones 9 (Older Division)
At fabled Fielding Field, the Pans and the Cyclones held a well-matched and well-hit game. For the hard-hitting Cyclones, Tara Steckler, Sydney Handler-Vosen, Clem Mitrani-Bell, Natalie, Francesca, and Rachel all sprinkled key hits throughout the game. For the slugging Frying Pans, Zoey Horowitz, Robyn Wampler, and Maeve Gallagher and others hit a medley of singles and doubles. The Cyclones’ Erin Cain pitched two strong innings, and the Frying Pans even recorded “four” outs in the 5th inning (with two down) as Rachel hit a screaming line drive to Pans’ pitcher Kaili Meier who caught and doubled-up the runner at first.

Chris Treadway