Historic Point Richmond train signal makes triumphant return

A worker was busy Tuesday with the reinstallation of the historic train crossing signal in Point Richmond known as a wig-wag. The signal, one of two non-operating devices retained in the district after a preservation campaign, had been missing since it was toppled by a sinkhole a year ago.

A year after a broken water main created a sinkhole that knocked over one of Point Richmond’s two historic wig-wag train signals, the beloved clanging semaphore is being put back in place.
As El Cerrito resident and railroad buff John Stashik notes, “neither wig wag actually works as the street crossing of the BNSF yard lead has flashing lights and gates. But the Point Richmond neighborhood appreciates their unique wig wags and they are considered historic icons of ‘The Point.’
Work preparing for the reinstallation started last week and by July 13 the signal was out and awaiting placement.
A crew was working Monday on the finishing touches.

Chris Treadway