San Francisco magazine looks at Bay Area radio in February 1965

When San Francisco magazine ran a piece in its February 1965 issue assessing Bay Area radio stations it couldn’t foresee the changes that were on the horizon.
At the time, KEWB and KYA were the two Top 40 stations, while KFRC was still trying to compete with market leader KSFO for the adult audience and had yet to become the Top 40 powerhouse known as “The Big 610” that would bring an end to KEWB.
KGO was experimenting with talk radio, but only for nine hours daily and not to good reviews, at least in the magazine piece.
KCBS, meanwhile, was still three years away from moving to an all-news format and KDIA was broadcasting from downtown Oakland.
And what about FM radio? Basically, nobody but audiophiles listened to it in 1965 and certainly nobody heard it on their AM-only car radios.

Chris Treadway