Is WonderCon headed south for another year — or longer?

WonderCon, the mega comics/sci-fi convention that originated at the Oakland Convention Center 25 years ago, outgrew its host city and moved to San Francisco in 2003.
The convention grew to become the second largest of its kind on the West Coast, a major event that attracted tens of thousands of visitors ready to spend their money at the attraction at the Moscone Convention Center.
Because the Moscone was undergoing renovations this year, WonderCon moved south to Anaheim, with the promise that it would bring the hoopla of superhero and “Star Wars” costumed attendees back locally.
Most cities would be clearing the calendar for the prospect of such an attraction, but San Francisco is not most cities, and the Moscone in S.F. is mostly booked for 2013.
This article and this artiicle speculate that the show may be down south at least through 2013.
We still say it was its best and most enjoyable when it was in Oakland.

Chris Treadway