Richmond races down to wire

Who will win Richmond’s three council seats? I don’t really know, but a lot of people think it comes down to six people: Incumbents and Tom Butt, Nat Bates, along with RPA-backed Eduardo Martinez and Marilyn Langlois and Chevron-backed Gary Bell and Bea Roberson.
Who are the favorites within those six? Tough to say, although Butt and Bates have both been consistent re-election winners for a long time, so that may imply some edge.
Andres Soto, a longtime local leader and founding member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, posted this on Facebook today. As you can read below, he says that it’s really a battle between four at this point, Butt, Langlois, Bates and Martinez.
What do you think?
Dear Friends:

Regardless of the national election as they say, “All politics are local”. We need you now. This election in Richmond is being watched nationally because of Measure N and we have a chance to put a stake in the heart of Chevron and its efforts to dominate and corrupt the Richmond City Council.

This Saturday is the last day for door to door canvassing – great way to meet neighbors and feel the pulse of the election.

The recents hit pieces against Eduardo Martinez and on behalf of Gary Bell tells us Eduardo is battling Bell for the third slot and that Tom Butt and Marilyn Langlois are on top – Nat Bates is almost gone forever – but we must keep up the fight until 8:00 p.m. on election night. Then we party!!!!

We also need you to take next Tuesday off from work and join us all day as we persuade voters in Richmond to stand up to Chevron and to support our children’s health.

Robert Rogers

  • Andrés Soto

    Robert thanks for quoting me. Since we at the RPA don’t have the financial resources of our opponents, we have to read through the tea leaves based on our seasoned analysis of their behavior. We will be celebrating at 1021 Macdonald Ave Tuesday night. Hope to see you there!