Chevron-backed community group provides new security cameras in Richmond’s 23rd street

Press release from 4Richmond. A news conference today included business and police leaders, who praised the Chevron-backed group for helping clean up crime and enhance business on 23rd street with security camera donations.


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New Police Cameras to Enhance Safety on Richmond’s 23rd Street Business Corridor
Installation of security cameras expected by end of November

Richmond, Calif. – Nov. 13, 2012 – Four new closed-circuit security cameras will be installed in November to help police provide enhanced security along an important commercial and neighborhood corridor, the 23rd Street Merchants Association, the Richmond Police Department and the 4Richmond Coalition announced Tuesday.

The 23rd Street Merchants Association secured the donation of three cameras from Chevron Richmond Refinery and the City added another 3 cameras as part of the project. However, only two of them could be installed due to inadequate wiring in light poles along the northern stretch of 23rd Street. The 4Richmond Coalition learned of the delay and helped focus civic attention on the remaining four cameras by working with the Public Works Department and the Police Department to restart the project.

“These cameras are a community asset that will further enhance safety for those who live and work on 23rd Street,” said Rafael Madrigal of the 23rd Street Merchants Association, also a 4Richmond steering committee member. “We thank the City and for helping make this idea a reality.”

The Richmond Public Works department began a citywide modernization of light poles in October, and expects to complete work on 23rd in mid- to late November, after which the Police Department can quickly install the remaining cameras.

“This was a great effort by the 23rd Street Merchants Association to improve the safety of their neighborhood,” said Richmond Police Chief Ed Medina. “We are always pleased when community members take on projects like this and help us make streets safer and more secure.”

The cameras join a network of more than 40 others operated by the Richmond Police Department. They are continuously monitored, operate at night, and help local law enforcement identify trouble before it happens and assist in arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators when crime does occur.

The 4Richmond Coalition is a new grassroots nonprofit organization that is leading an inclusive process to build on the City’s ongoing success and accomplish achievable goals in the major areas of jobs, healthcare, public safety and education.

To learn more about the 23rd Street Merchants Association, visit www.23rdstreetma.com. To learn more about 4Richmond, visit 4richmond.org or call 510-260-0290.

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