Oakland, 1941: Mmmmm, doughnuts

Doughnut Corporation of America building in West Oakland.

Wouldn’t you love to see an actual picture of this art deco doughnut factory? (And if anyone knows of one, please let us know!)
Who knew there was a Doughnut Corporation of America building in Oakland, or that it was “newly enlarged” in 1941?
The expansion was well-timed for the war years.
The original ad, from the 1941 Oakland Tribune Yearbook, says the building was in Oakland. Google Maps, which is based on ZIP codes and doesn’t account for city borders, claims the address is in Emeryville.
Sadly, Google Street View shows the building is no longer there.
We bet it would have been a popular choice for a school field trip to a local factory.
According to this site, the Doughnut Corporation of America is still in business.
Here’s an excerpt about the company and its founder from Time Magazine.

Chris Treadway