Berkeley: A look at the original UC logo through the years

Detail from the 1931 Big Game program cover.

The original 1868 University of California seal and the new logo recently adopted by UC.

A story that went online Friday and in print on Monday about the new University of California logo has drawn a lot of response, most of it not very complimentary.

We don’t choose to enter the debate here (you can vote for yourself via our online poll , where the original seal is preferred by 95 percent of those responding), but want to offer a few looks at how the original logo has been creatively and colorfully used in the past.

The seals of Cal and Stanford were used as a sort of coat-of-arms on the cover of the 1931 Big Game program played at The Farm.

The 1868 seal was also used on the cover of the 1967 Big Game program.

The star and "Let There Be Light" slogan from the seal were altered by a cartoonist for Cal campus humor magazine The Pelican for a 1914 panel commenting on women's suffrage.


Chris Treadway

  • jenny

    You do realize that the new logo is for the entire UC system, not just Cal Berkeley, right? Because you should be comparing it to ALL the UC campus logos, not just Cal. The media is doing such a bad job explaining this, no wonder everyone thinks it’s Cal’s logo that is changing.

    The new logo still sucks though.

  • Chris Treadway

    Of course I realize it and I believe the Times story makes that quite clear. The idea here is that Cal Berkeley has used it, as in these examples, in a creative way that counters this claim in the story: “Klein said the intricate details of the original seal, though beautiful, don’t reproduce well or come across digitally or when used in small places.”