Richmond Human Rights declaration celebration

Open letter from commissioner Vivien Fyer
Flyer is here: 12Dec10HumanRights
Subject: Invitation to participate in Monday’s Human Rights Day Celebration
Dear Mayor McLaughlin and Richmond City Council Members -As you know, the City of Richmond adopted a resolution in November of 2009 declaring Richmond to be a Human Rights City, and adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as guiding principles.

This Monday, December 10th, we will be celebrating International Human Rights Day in City Council Chambers.

As part of the program, volunteers will be reading each of the thirty Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – in English, and in a variety of other languages as well.

The list of volunteers is almost complete, but I wanted to extend a special invitation to each of you if you would like to read an Article – in English and/or any other language.

It’s an exciting opportunity to communicate to the community that our elected representatives are serious about making Human Rights a top priority in their decision making.

Please let me know if you are interested, and I will forward your contact information, and your request for any particular Article(s), to Dr. Rita Maran of the United Nations Association, who is organizing the presentation.

May you have a wonderful Human Rights Day!!

With many thanks,



Robert Rogers