El Cerrito 7-Eleven driveway notches another stuck truck

The latest victim of the 7-Eleven driveway on Thursday morning.

The notorious steep side driveway at the 7-Eleven store on Stockton Avenue in El Cerrito claimed another truck victim on Thursday morning.

It was several years ago that we took our first photo of a truck beaching itself on the Albermarle Street entrance to the store (and we still have to look for the print of that incident to add to this collection).
The driveway claimed another victim truck in early April this year and a second one at the end of April.
These are just the ones we’ve noticed.
In the meantime, we assume the tow truck companies are happy and the store clerks are amused by the periodic truck beachings. Maybe truck drivers will learn to enter from Stockton Street.

A tow truck was having trouble freeing a beer truck that got stuck at high tide entering the parking lot of the 7-Eleven store in El Cerrito to make a morning beer delivery April 30.

A truck delivering soda to the 7-Eleven in El Cerrito got stuck entering the driveway April 13.

Chris Treadway