El Cerrito 1938: A full day’s cinema entertainment for a dime

The Saturday kiddee matinee at the Cerrito Theatre on the weekend of March 18, 1938 had a full day’s entertainment for a dime.

The bill included “The Robin Hood of El Dorado,” a 1936 MGM feature about 19th century Mexican outlaw Joaquin Murietta. Local legend has it that Murietta once hid out from the pursuit of authorities in the area later known as El Cerrito.

Along with the main feature was a two-reeler with British child star Sybil Jason, a Three Stooges short and a Popeye cartoon, along with free beanies for the kids.

Quite a bargain even in the Great Depression — provided you could keep the children away from the snack counter.

Here’s the trailer for The Robin Hood of El Dorado


Chris Treadway