El Cerrito’s last trailer park is up for sale

The last trailer park in El Cerrito is apparently up for sale — with an asking price of $3.01 million. About the cost of a reserve middle infielder.

The owners wisely list it as an “RV park,” rather than a trailer park, in their classified, and, to be fair, it does include two duplexes and four apartments.
This is the text of the ad:

EL Cerrito 28 space RV park. 4 Apartments, 2 Duplexes. 3 blocks from bart station and El Cerrito Plaza shopping. $3,095,000. 707-718-6798. Owner/agent.

The property in question is between El Dorado and Avis Avila streets, just north of Central Avenue and Central Park, which until 1955 was part of the unincorporated area known as “No Man’s Land,” where gambling and other illegal activities took place.
Trailer parks are increasingly scare in West County, but were once common, with many established during World War II, when housing was scarce. Today it is a source of affordable, high-density housing. But we bet nobody anticipated an asking price like this.

Chris Treadway

  • John Stashik

    This RV park is an El Cerrito secret. Until Peek-a-Boo shut down for the Target development (now where Safeway is), there were two such parks. Maybe even three.

  • Robert Anderson

    The street is Avila, not Avis.

  • Chris Treadway

    You are correct, and I knew better. The entry is now corrected. Thanks.