Your online vote could help El Cerrito teacher’s class to restore creek habitat, strengthen global understanding

Madeleine Rogin has again made it into the next round of the Great American Teach-off, meaning she is still in the running for a $10,000 grant she can use for her kindergarten class at Prospect Sierra School in El Cerrito.
Read below about what she and the class plan to do with the grant and then take a moment to vote for her at http://kto6gato.maker.good.is/projects/7998?sort=623.

Thank you again for spreading the word about this contest – and for voting!
If you are able to update your readers about the contest this week, I would love people to know that our project is about teaching our students how to be global citizens by engaging in service projects both locally and globally.
The local project is the restoration of the Pacific Chorus Frog Habitat at Canyon Trail Park. Many people have been working for years to restore this habitat, a group of all volunteer El Cerrito residents meet there every Saturday morning to plant or weed or pick up trash. The Kindergarten at my school has a history of helping with this project. Every spring we raise tadpoles in our classroom and release them into the small pond at Canyon Trail Park. If we win the $10,000 grant we would be able to support this work on a much deeper level.

The global project is a partnership with Basic Services Primary School in Takoradi, Ghana, a school I’ve visited in the summer to volunteer. My daughters attended Kindergarten there this past summer. The school is in need of all the school supplies you can think of (from workbooks to pencil sharpeners to markers, etc.) With part of the money from the grant we could donate these supplies. They do have a computer center and we would use a portion of the grant to set them up with Skype so that our students could communicate with their students. Too often our children still think of Africa as the land with all the wild animals. They are shocked to learn that there are taxis and big buildings and elevators and schools a lot like ours. The focus of this project is on cross cultural communication and on building our students’ cultural competency skills – the ability to communicate across difference. Cultural competency is a skill set that is essential to educating our children in the 21st century, when they will be expected to be able to communicate with people from all around the globe.
Thank you again!

Chris Treadway