Press release: Richmond ACCE fundraiser at Nevin Center



Richmond, CA


Re: Community Empowerment Film


Fundraiser Plans


The Richmond chapter of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) is having a fundraiser at The Nevin Center,



598 Nevin Avenue in Richmond, California on May 15


from 6:30-8:30 PM.


ACCE works in California communities to support people as they fight to keep their homes from illegal bank practices and foreclosure. ACCE also works for Universal Health Care, an end to blight and abandoned property, stands up at the city council meetings and meets with city officials to discuss the needs and issues that face the largely underserved community of Richmond.


“For the past two years I have worked with ACCE and now I am the

State representative for the Richmond Chapter. I am so proud to protect the people I live and work with in Richmond and fight for justice,” explained Doug Gilbert, ACCE activist.


The two short documentary films, “Community Empowerment”, and

Wells Fargo Protest March” produced by Sharon Collins, Stephanie Slade and Gini Graham Scott of United Media Productions, reflect the story of ACCE, its mission, vision and actions.


In addition to the films, the first ACCE Community Empowerment Award will be presented to honor



Mayor Gayle McLaughlin for her outstanding leadership, producing innovative solutions with an open door to ACCE.


Meet and greet your community leaders. Support the people who work to make


Richmond a better place to live and work. Join the sponsors supporting this important


community event including Unlimited Property Services, Inc., EnviroViews Landscaping,


Collins Management, Slade Digital, Clear View Realty, Changemakers Publishing,


Discolandia, and USCW Union Local 5 and Roots Force Productions. Call Dave Sharples


of ACCE at



415-377-9037 or Sharon Collins at 510-693-7886

for tickets, community

partner tables and sponsorship opportunity.



Robert Rogers