From the archives: The El Cerrito house that had a Home Depot in its back yard

This home stood for some time after the Home Depot was built and surrounded it with a parking lot.

The Home Depot store in El Cerrito opened in 1993 on the former Adachi Nursery property that was partially in El Cerrito and partially in Richmond. (The cities divide the sales tax from the warehouse store’s receipts.)
But Adachi wasn’t the only property owner on the site.
A 95-year-old homeowner who had a house on the site declined to sell and finally reached an agreement that his homesite on San Pablo Avenue, built about 80 years earlier, would be sold after he died. As a result, the large store operated in its initial days with a parking lot that surrounded the home.
There was also talk, noted in this article from our archives, that there might be the opportunity to relocate the home for use as a historical museum, a plan that was never realized.

Chris Treadway

  • John C. Stashik

    You have jogged my memory. I recall that house, but vaguely. Then it was gone! No match for the big, orange box.

    There’s a similar property at 51st & MLK in Oakland. Surrounded by Children’s Hospital is a home. I presume somebody lives there and when they’re gone, the hospital will knock the place down. A neat, well maintained house, but looking out of place next to a large medical facility.