The lost Safeways of El Cerrito

Two of the major retail vacancies on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito are former Safeway grocery stores.
We offer early and modern day views of both here.

Looking north on San Pablo Avenue about 1966. The Safeway store here closed when the chain moved to the new Moeser Lane center in 1970. You almost expect the tower sign to flash messages.

The same location in 2012. After Safeway left this building was home to fabric stores and Guitar Center.

Safeway at the Moeser Lane center in 1986, when Payless was a co-anchor, along with a small Jerry Lewis-franchised cinema. The center opened in 1970 and A.G.E. department store was supposed to open a location there, but it never materialized.

The Moeser Lane center as it looked on Sunday. Safeway is gone, as are most of the major tenants, except for CVS (successor to Payless.Rite-Aid, Longs) and O'Reilly Auto Parts.

Chris Treadway

  • James A Watzek

    I Drove For Safeway and Deliverd Both stores, I also deliverd first load to new store In Moeser Center and Helped remove loads when it closed.