The forgotten bowling alleys of West County: Richmond

Uptown Bowl began as Richmond Bowling Courts in 1938.
Quee Prentice, who later opened Golden Gate Lanes in El Cerrito, owned Uptown Bowl in the 1950s and ’60s.
It later went through other ownership changes and is shown below with its new owner in 1990.
If you have memories or photos to share of Uptown Bowl, please let us know in the comments.

Chris Treadway

  • Great article, Chris! I also frequested Mr. F’s that used to be next door. Great times, good memories. Thank you.

  • Fred Cavalli Jr.

    I spend many, many hours in this bowling alley; both as a child and teenager. My years as a teen were spent mainly in the pool hall on the 2nd floor; and I can still hear the poll hall employee(George) saying; “50 minutes…that’ll be fifty-cents”. I also had an aunt that worked for Quee Prentis; as an office worker. I wasw rasied about6 blocks west of this place..so it was always “close to home”.. Lots of great memories here.

  • pictured above is yukio sugimoto retired from chevron refinery early refused to work new 12 hour shift schedule bought uptown bowl could not bring back to life.

  • peggy petty

    I am trying to find pictures and articles of uptown bowl when my mother worked there, her name was also peggy petty it was around 1966 or 67 she also worked for quee prentice at golden gate lanes and lucky lanes. she was a bowling instructer, for kids and adults. I know there was a few newspaper articles about the kids league. if you have any or how I can find any it would be appreciated.