The forgotten bowling alleys of West County: San Pablo

Lucky Lanes in San Pablo, with its distinctive A-frame entrance, was one of the most beloved of the area’s bowling alleys. According to this post it opened in 1958 and, of course, had a pool room.
Lucky Lanes hosted many grad nights and the Lighthouse restaurant was right across the street.
Lucky Lanes met its end when San Pablo approved construction of what is now the San Pablo Lytton Casino.

Chris Treadway

  • Bob Collins

    When Iworked at the skating rink next to the Dam Road in San Pablo, mt first stop was at the Lighthouse and Lucky Lanes when I’d bowl until midnight or so…it was agreat place to hang out, play pool or eat (the restaurant had great food). I miss that place. The casino? I never go there!!

  • Lucky Lanes is NOT forgotten. Forgotten is 3 Brothers Bowling on Pinole Valley Road (across the street from PVHS)! There is a storage facility there now.

  • I asked my girl friend to marry me back in 1964 in the Lucky Lanes Bowling Alley. I believe I have a few of those ash trays. Stopped by here many of times and played pool there