New Richmond Latino political group to debut at Cinco de Mayo event



May 3, 2013

Contact: Rosa Lara, President RLLPAC


New Richmond Latino Leadership Political Action Committee Kicks Off with Major Voter Registration Drive at Cinco De Mayo Festival

RLLPAC engages Richmond’s Latino community to support civic engagement

RICHMOND, CA –The Richmond Latino Leadership Political Action Committee (RLLPAC), a newly launched political action committee, will kick off the group’s efforts with a groundbreaking voter registration drive at Richmond’s 7th Annual Cinco De Mayo Festival. RLLPAC volunteers are staffing a booth at the festival and conducting outreach to event attendees to sign-up new voters and provide information about the importance of voting and civic engagement.

The goal of RLLPAC is to increase civic awareness, register and educate voters, and advocate for public policies in Richmond that support job creation and economic development, improve public education and increase public safety by reducing crime.

“We will promote and encourage Latino candidates and work to empower the Latino community in Richmond,” said Rosa Lara, President of the RLLPAC. “We intend to be a political force in the community, working to motivate Latino voters to learn about the issues that have a profound impact on our families and encourage them to advocate for action on the local, state and nation level.” Lara also serves as President of the 23rd Street Merchants Association.

In the coming months, RLLPAC will engage voters to raise the profile of issues critical to the success of Latino families in Richmond and actively support candidates in upcoming elections who will get the job done for the community.

“We are encouraging everybody to get involved and help us achieve our mission of engaging Latinos in civic and public service. Together, we can help our community thrive with excellent public education, high paying jobs and safe streets,” said Lara.

The Board of the RLLPAC includes: Rosa Lara, President; Hernando Ramirez, Vice President of Communication; and Rigo Mendoza, Vice President of Finance.

Those who want to get involved and join the organization can do so by signing-up at the RLLPAC Booth at the Cinco De Mayo festival or by emailing rllpoliticalaction@gmail.com.


Robert Rogers