Illegal parking in Richmond: Move your boat or it will be towed


There’s illegal dumping and then there’s illegal dumping.
Sadly, it’s not uncommon for people to dispose of large unwanted items in isolated areas such as business or industrial parks, and not just in Richmond or other jurisdictions that have areas out of watching eyes after hours. Usually its beatup couches, recliners or mattresses.
This week in Richmond there was a stripped-out fiberglass boat, once somebody’s pleasure craft, that had been taking up two parking spaces on South 19th Street near Meeker Avenue for several days.
On Tuesday two members of the city’s parking enforcement crew came to ponder the situation. By Wednesday, the boat was gone and its former owner is still a mystery. And it didn’t sit for 72 hours with an orange sticker on the windshield.
Hint to the Richmond Police Department: There’s a 1970s VW that’s been parked in the Rosie the Riveter Memorial lot for more than a year.

Chris Treadway