Richmond CLEAN festival set to debut June 29

From the event organizers’ Facebook Page:


We are excited to celebrate our Richmond Communities for Local Energy Action Now (CLEAN) Festival this summer.

For the last two years, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) leaders have been working locally and statewide to bring local clean energy and green jobs to low-income and immigrant communities.

In particular, Richmond leaders are fighting to clear the shadows of pollution to make room for the sunlight of a clean, renewable energy future. 

POWERED by our dream of local clean energy, the Richmond CLEAN Festival will be a fun-filled day of music, games, performances, clean energy technology demonstrations and more! 

Even will be 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Richmond Civic Center.


North Richmond Music Festival coming July 20


Greater Richmond Interfaith Program                               

165 22nd St. Richmond Ca, 94804                              

Phone: 510-233-2141                                                                    





Dear community business partner:                                                                      


This year the Greater Richmond Interfaith Organization and our North Richmond community will present our “Fourth Annual North Richmond Music Festival.”


This will be an outdoor event that will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Shields Reid Community Center, located at 1410 Kelsey Street, Richmond, California.


The community event will feature the legendary, local, and internationally known Johnny Rawls. There will be other acts as well by musicians such as Tia Carroll, and Willie G.


The purpose of this special event is to honor some of our great musical artists who have roots in our Richmond area and to provide an opportunity for our Richmond residents to come together for a free day of clean, wholesome, family fun. Free food and other activities to interact with the community will be available at this event as well.


Our goal is to re-acquaint our community with some of its rich, musical heritage, and to establish an annual event that will contribute to the ongoing improvements of our community.


We need your support to help make this happen. We are asking you to help us with a tax-deductible donation for food, drinks, and raffle prizes for the event.


The tax-deductible donation can be mailed to the fiscal agent of this event known as the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP), which is a 501-(c)(3) organization, located at 165 22nd Street Richmond, Ca 94801. Tax ID# 23-7169239.



If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Carla Orozco, fundraising coordinator, at 510-776-7568 or carlaorozco@live.com.


We thank you for your time and consideration.








Carla Orozco,


Fundraising Coordinator


Rally at Richmond Wells Fargo




David Sharples, ACCE CONTRA COSTA, 415-377-9037 dsharples@calorganize.org

Community Leaders Call on Wells Fargo to Give Struggling Homeowner a Principal Reduction

Richmond, CA: On Thursday, June 27th at 12:30pm at the Wells Fargo, at 4500 Macdonald Ave., Richmond, CA over 30 struggling homeowners and community leaders will gather to demand that Wells Fargo give Genny Zentella a loan modification and principal reduction.

ACCE members are angry that Wells Fargo steered Genny into a subprime, adjustable loan and now refuse to give her a loan modification or principal reduction. Genny bought her home in San Pablo in 1989. In 2005 she refinanced in order to make improvements on her home. “I had excellent credit and never should have been put into a subprime, adjustable rate, pick a payment loan. I should’ve gotten a fixed rate. Now I’m behind and in danger of losing my home because my payments keep going up. Wells Fargo should do the right thing and give me a loan modification with principal reduction.” Said Genny Zentella.

What: Action to demand Wells Fargo give struggling homeowner an affordable loan modification and principal reduction

Where: Wells Fargo, at 4500 Macdonald Ave., Richmond, CA

When: Thursday, June 27th at 12:30pm

The event comes in the midst of a growing national campaign calling for Wells Fargo, which is the nation’s largest mortgage servicer, to provide major new homeowner relief with principal reduction on a scale that approaches the $300 billion in negative home equity that exists in the U.S. Nationwide, there are 11 million homeowners who are “underwater”

and owe more on their mortgage than the value of their homes.

Wells Fargo is also a major player in the predatory payday lending industry and has dodged more taxes than any other company since the financial crisis began in 2008, holding back funds that could help put America back to work.





ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment) is a non-profit grassroots community organization in Richmond and across the state. A membership organization of low and moderate income people, the organization works to advance policies and programs that address such issues as community development, affordable housing, access to healthcare, and more.





David Sharples

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)

322 Harbour Way, Suite #25

Richmond, CA 94801

Cell phone 415-377-9037

Email: dsharples@calorganize.org




Twitter: @Calorganize


Richmond native, former Howard University Dean to speak at local church



Richmond native, Daniel O. Bernstine, will return to his hometown church, BethlehemMissionaryBaptistChurch, on June 22 @ 10:45 AM.  He will be the guest speaker for BMBC’s Graduate Day Celebration.  Bernstine is a law school legend, having matriculated at University of California, Berkeley; Northwestern School of Law, and at LLM at the University of Wisconsin School of Law.  He was privileged to serve as Dean of Howard University, President of Portland State University, and currently serves as the President of the Law School Admission Council. 

The journey of the legend began as a child of Richmond; a member of the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, and the first African American President of the 8th Grade Class of Granada Jr. High School.

We invite you to worship with us during this historic service.


The church is located at 684 Juliga Woods Street(formerly Erlandson), RichmondCA.


For further information, please contact the church @ 510.232.0193.




Corky Booze letter to Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay

Courtland “Corky” Boozé

3302 Nevin Avenue

Richmond, CA. 94805


Bill Lindsay
City Manager450 Civic Center Plaza
Suite 300
Richmond, CA  94804

Re: Carson Blvd. Inspection May 29, 2013.

Dear Mr. Lindsey,

I am writing to you regarding my concerns and need for clarifications in reference to my business located at 22 Carlson Blvd. The most recent inspection with Tim Higares, took place on May 29, 2013 @1:00 pm.

Mr. Lindsey, my reason for writing you is, I am requesting from you clarification of the zoning and items that may remain on the property @ 22 Carlson Blvd. Richmond, CA.

I have had several meetings with City Attorney, Bruce Goodmiller; he stated to me that he did not want to take on a C-2 determination fight.  He suggested at the next inspection with Mr. Higares, we should work together to determine which items have to be removed and which can stay.

At the conclusion of the May 29th inspection I asked Mr. Higares which items he wanted me to remove from the property.  His response to me was that everything on the property must go.   He stated per the letter from Assistant City Attorney, Trisha Aljoe, 22 Carlson was in C-2 zoning and nothing in the yard complied with that zoning.

I stated that I disagreed with the C-2 zoning designation because I met the legal non-conforming use for M-2 zone. 

I am willing to work with the City to resolve this problem. However, I need exact clarifications in writing and direction following the city code and zoning designation. 

What Mr. Higrares relayed to me at the May 29th inspection was way too broad in its scope.  I need to operate my business without any more disruptions.



Courtland Corky Boozé


Cc:           Bruce Goodmiller, City Attorney,Chris Magnus, Police of Police

                Richard Mitchell, Planning and Building Director,  Tim Higares, Code Enforcement Manager


Homefront life during wartime: Richmond wasn’t the only record-setter during World War II

The shipyards in Richmond weren’t the only industrial center turning out goods for the military at a record pace.
The workers at the Boeing plant in Seattle took time out in May 1942 to celebrate completing the 5,000th B-17, the famed “flying fortress.”
Employees wrote their names on the fuselage (below, note the worker peering out from the gunner’s bubble in the nose of the plane).
The brief ceremony concluded with the workers pushing the plane out of the factory instead of the usual tractor. “Then it was back to work,” ends the caption.


Shakespearean vision of Richmond set for encore

press release:



RAW Talent Presents an Encore Production of…

“Te’s Harmony”

A Spoken Word Theater Piece by Richmond Youth

WHEN: 6-9pm, Friday June 14th & Saturday June 15th

WHERE: El Cerrito Performing Arts Theater (540 Ashbury Ave, El Cerrito)

RICHMOND – After selling out the first production in February, Te’s Harmony is back by popular demand! This spoken word theater piece was written and performed by RAW Talent, the creative arts department of the Making Waves Education Program, and directed by Donte Clark and Rooben Morgan.

Members of RAW Talent will present their modern-day rendition of Romeo and Juliet for the stage, reworking the Shakespearean masterpiece into an allegory for the socio-economic conditions haunting their city and their daily lives. It is the classic tale of star-crossed lovers when Te’ from North Richmond falls for Harmony from Central, and they must fight for love in the midst of a war that has devastated their community for too long.

The students of RAW Talent have been deeply impacted by violence in Richmond, and they are determined to continue demanding change through their art. After putting on poetry shows and town hall discussions around gun violence, poverty and the prison industrial complex, they have decided to address these issues facing their community through a new medium: theater. The students and staff have written their first play, a heart-breaking and at times humorous reflection of daily life in Richmond. Te’s Harmony will push the boundaries of artistic genres, and ultimately push the audience to question the culture of violence in our city; to re-imagine Richmond through the lens of love.

While the play itself serves as a call to action for the audience, we will move beyond the stage and have anti-violence community organizations onsite to offer resources and volunteer opportunities for those who are moved by what they see. We are also very excited to announce our opening act on June 14th will be YGB Gold (Young, Gifted & Black) and our key-note speaker on June 15th  will be the widely-known emcee, poet and peace advocate, Dennis Kim (aka Denizen Kane of Typical Cats)!

Te’s Harmony is just such an example of how the arts energize and harmonize. How naturally and poignantly young people turn to words, stories, songs, or performance, especially in the most dire and derelict of places. In the shadows can come much light, much music, much truth.” -Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Always Running

Te’s Harmony will be a mash-up of theater, poetry, dance, music and film, remixing Shakespearean verse with spoken word and Richmond vernacular. The script pays homage to the cannon while honoring and centering the language of Richmond youth. Te’s Harmony has been published as a book with Red Beard Press, a youth-run publishing press in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We believe that the script could be used by English teachers nation-wide as supplemental curriculum alongside Romeo and Juliet, to engage students in the classic story and help them make connections between the text and their lived realities.

Film-maker Jason Zeldes is creating a documentary, “Romeo Is Bleeding”, that follows the members of RAW Talent as they prepare for the play. It focuses on student-turned-teacher Donte Clark and his deep desire to change Richmond through arts activism. Zeldes hopes to combat the tragic narrative of Richmond in mainstream media by shedding light on the positive work of these young people. You can watch the trailer for the documentary at the following link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/921886202/romeo-is-bleeding

Tickets can be purchased at: http://tesharmonyencore.eventbrite.com/
Advanced tickets (5/9-6/13): $20 adults/$8 youth                                                                                                            At the door (6/14-6/15): $20-$30 (sliding scale) adults/$10 youth
VIP* tickets (4/29-6/15): $45/all ages                 
*VIP: prime seating, a free book, and a chance to meet the cast backstage after the show!
*”Youth tickets”- 21 and under                                                                                                                       *Teachers/youth workers who want to bring groups can contact Dionne Teasley at dteasley@making-waves.org for more info on group discounts


Articles on Te’s Harmony:   


Huffington Post:



Richmond Pulse:



Richmond Confidential:


This will be RAW Talent’s biggest show yet- please spread the word and sell all 1200 tickets! All proceeds go towards RAW Talent workshops, field trips, retreats, shows, and expanding creative arts programming within the Richmond community.

CONTACT: Molly Raynor, RAW Talent Coordinator, mraynor@making-waves.org, (734) 395-5899



Albany in 1940 looks different, but very familiar

The cover of the brochure shows the familiar entry way to the Veterans Memorial Building.

The charm of Albany on display in this Chamber of Commerce promotional brochure is the same charm the city has today.
There have been substantial changes since — condos at Albany Hill, the freeway, wartime housing on the Gill Tract, home expansions — yet many of the scenes here are easily recognizable and it wouldn’t be hard to make reasonable duplicates of many the photos.
The USDA lab was brand new when this was printed and the Golden Gate Turf Club was still under construction.

The racetrack, USDA lab and largely empty Gill Tract are visible in the aerial view of the “Gateway to Northern Alameda County.”

The proximity of the University of California and the still-new East Bay Regional Park District, including the Tilden Park golf course, are cited.

So is the city’s proximity to neighboring communities and San Francisco.

Other than the lack of bicycle helmets, this scene wouldn’t be out of place today.

Any guesses as to the make of car or where the house was/is?

A closer look at the aerial view shows the vacant Gill Tract and incomplete racetrack, with no garbage dump alongside yet.


El Cerrito installs new stop signs on Colusa Avenue

Sign warns drivers about the new stop sign on Colusa Avenue at the intersection with Eureka Avenue.

Residents on Colusa Avenue have complained about speeding traffic on their street and El Cerrito recently took an initial measure in response, installing stop signs on Colusa at Eureka Avenue that make the intersection a three-way stop.
Temporary warning signs alert motorists to the change.


Richmond’s Betty Reid Soskin now only the second-oldest ranger in the National Park Service

The National Park Service has to be unique among employers.
For several years Betty Reid Soskin of the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, has carried the title of the oldest active ranger in the National Park Service.
Soskin, who turned 91 last year, seemed in no danger of having her status changed by a challenger — until now. It seems the NPS hired a 98-year-old as a ranger in the maintenance division, meaning Soskin is now the second-oldest active ranger and the oldest “interpretive ranger.”
Soskin, whose tours of sites in Richmond are a popular feature of the Rosie the Riveter park, took the news of her changed status with good humor, posting the following on her Facebook page:

We wonder if the new 98-year-old ranger has a Facebook page.