Richmond closes section of Marina Bay Parkway for underpass construction


Marina Bay Parkway between Meeker Avenue and Regatta Boulevard closed at 7 a.m. Tuesday for an extended period to construct an underpass. The project will improve long-term access to and from the residential and business areas on that part of the waterfront, but will mean decreased access and roundabout detours during the estimated 18 months to build the underpass.

The project and logisitics are explained in this entry from last week’s city manager’s report:

Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass Project – Closure of Marina Bay
Parkway to Traffic on September 3rd

The Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass Project involves the construction of a
roadway underpass on Marina Bay Parkway between Meeker Avenue and Regatta
Boulevard, and is intended to resolve long-standing access limitations to the Marina
Bay Area caused by frequent train crossings.
This week, work on median modifications on Regatta Boulevard in front of the police
station commenced, while utility relocation work continued.
For the week of September 3rd, the most noticeable event at the project will be the
closure of Marina Bay Parkway to traffic at approximately 7:00 AM. Immediately after
road closure, crews will begin demolition of the existing roadway. During this time,
utility relocation work will continue at the Department of Public Health campus and
near Pierson Avenue. AT&T will also be performing utility relocation work in the
area under a separate contract. Final striping of the Regatta Boulevard median
modifications will also be installed.
Marina Bay Parkway is scheduled to remain closed for approximately 18
months. Please see the graphic below showing alternate detour routes. Please
contact the project’s public outreach consultant, Jacqueline Majors, through the
project website at www.moodyup.com if you would like a hard copy of the “know
your route” card.
For additional information and to be added to the project update contact list, please
see the project website at www.moodyup.com. You can also now follow the project
on twitter: @moodyunderpass.


Chris Treadway