Richmond: Fire department training held at historic Pullman building


The academy for Richmond Fire Department trainees held a nighttime drill recently at the Tradeway Carpet warehouse on Carlson Boulevard.
The warehouse is significant as one of the last buildings standing from the former Pullman Shops that opened in November 1910 and serviced train cars until it closed in 1959. (Click here to learn more about the Pullman history.)
The postcard below from around 1913 shows workers leaving the facility, which had only become part of Richmond in 1912. Before that it was its own community and there were numerous suggestions about incorporating on its own, or with the neighboring and unincorporated Stege community, or with those two and the tiny community known as Rust, now El Cerrito.
Richmond put the question of adding Pullman and Stege to voters in 1912. Richmond voters strongly favored the idea of adding 2,000 residents and more than two square miles down to the waterfront. It was a little closer in the areas being annexed (see bottom, from the May 29, 1912 San Francisco Call).



Chris Treadway