Albany/El Cerrito: Alberrito Street Play event returning


That cross-border, hybrid, healthy activity, feel good event known as Alberrito Streets is returning in Albany and Berkeley on Sept. 29.
The two cities can’t agree on a name for the street that will be closed to traffic that day (it’s Key Route Boulevard in Albany and Ashbury Avenue in El Cerrito) but they do agree the roadway will be open to recreation and community building into the early afternoon that day between A Street/Lynn Avenue and Brighton Avenue.
From the El Cerrito announcement:

The event is co-hosted by the cities of Albany and El Cerrito to encourage people to get outside, be active and have fun! Attendees are encouraged to bring their own picnic lunch, as well as create their own fun (such as bicycle, skates, croquet, basketball, ping pong, etc). There will be outdoor fun summertime activities including sports games, art activities, chess, live music and more!


Chris Treadway