Richmond: Observations by Councilman Nat Bates on Tuesday’s meeting

Richmond City Councilman Nat Bates sent the following group email after Tuesday’s City Council meeting:

Just as I predicted, love him, hate him or be indifferent toward him, Vice Mayor Booze chaired a very smooth meeting Tuesday night in the absence of Mayor Gayle McLaughlin who was visiting Ecuador observing the government’s claims and complaints against Chevron, The Vice Mayor moved the items without controversy, and not throwing any one out of the chambers nor calling for a recess. On top of that, the council handle approximately thirty items with professionalism and the meeting was completed and adjourned around 9:10 PM. Excellent job Mr. Vice Mayor.

Reporter Robert Rogers ‏(@SFBaynewsrogers on Twitter, if you don’t follow him already) tweeted this earlier:

#richmond adjourns meeting at approx 9:10 am, shortest meeting I’ve seen in years. VM Booze clearly pushed for brevity in mayor’s absence.

Chris Treadway