El Cerrito police seek help identifying burglars in video

El Cerrito Police Department sent the following advisory on Sept. 27:

Please help the El Cerrito Police identify burglars

On September 24, at approximately 1100 hours, two suspects worked together to burglarize a house in El Cerrito. The crime began with one suspect approaching the door and knocking. After determining that no one would come to the door, the suspect’s accomplice arrived and kicked down the door.

The burglars did not realize they were being recorded by a home video surveillance system until it was too late. Take a look at the links below. They lead to videos on Youtube.com, uploaded by the owner of the residence. If you know the identity of either suspect, or see them on the streets, please call the El Cerrito Police.

According to the department’s log of incidents, the pair forced entry to the home in the 6700 block of Cutting Boulevard and stole a laptop computer and digital camera.

Chris Treadway