Throwback Thursday: Bay Bridge under construction in 1935

The project that would change the Bay Area forever still had a long way to go when this aerial photo of Bay Bridge construction was published in 1935. The photo includes an East Bay panorama with undeveloped hills in Berkeley and Oakland and Mt. Diablo looming in the background.

A closer look shows the cantilever section on the east side, the comparatively easy part of the project, is progressing nicely. No decks have been built on the western section, but the towers and anchorage are in place.

Zooming in again gives a better look at the ferry boat passing between the tower and the anchorage. There is no Treasure Island off of Yerba Buena Island, no Eastshore Highway along the eastern shoreline and no prehistoric version of the MacArthur Maze yet.

As for work on the cantilever section, this is what it looked like with no roadway in another photo from February 1935.

Chris Treadway