Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig bring barnstorming tour to Emeryville 90 years ago this month


Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig at Oakland Oaks Ball Park in Emeryville in 1927.


Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, likely the two biggest names in baseball in 1927, set out on a barnstorming tour shortly after winning the World Series with the New York Yankees. One of their stops was the Bay Area, where they played two exhibition games at Recreation Park in San Francisco and one at Oaks Ball Park in Emeryville. “We certainly will have something to tell the New York people about the big morning turnout in Oakland when we get back there,” Gehrig told reporters. “It certainly was a wonderful turnout and I will never forget.”

Advance publicity for the 1927 barnstorming stop in the Bay Area.



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Chris Treadway