Albany activists planning local Women’s March on Saturday

albnay march

Plans have been announced via social media for Women’s March Albany from 8 to 10 a.m. Jan. 21, starting at Ocean View Elementary, 1000 Jackson St. in Albany.


ALL are welcome to march to show support for the rights of women, children, men, minorities, the LGBTQ community, immigrants and undocumented people, the environment, and anyone else who may feel threatened by our new administration.

Think globally, act locally.
Start off your day of demonstration close to home in Albany. We’ll walk from Ocean View Elementary School at 1000 Jackson St. to the Memorial Torch at the corner of Solano and Key Route. We’ll start early — 8:00 am — so you will be able to join other marches in the Bay Area, if you would like to.

Wear Pink (for Women’s Rights) or Purple (for anti-bullying) or Rainbows (for LGBTQ rights) and a Pussy Hat!

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Feel free to make signs that express your beliefs. Please be aware that we would like this to be welcoming to all families (so maybe limit the profanity . . . ). Meet at 7:30 am to make signs. Bring posterboard, pens, etc.

We are looking forward to gathering together as a community to support each other in the spirit of love, acceptance, and hope.

EVERYONE is invited, including people of all ages, all genders, all sexual preferences, all races, all religions, and all political viewpoints. Please feel free to invite local friends!


Richmond: High school student’s Christmas light show worth a visit (video)


RICHMOND — One of the most impressive Christmas displays you’ll see this season requires a trip to Nome — not the Alaskan city, but Nome Street, a small dead-end street in East Richmond Heights. That’s where Armando Epifani, a 17-year-old high school student, has an elaborate display that sychronizes lights and other effects — including water spouts and flame — to music.

The professionally done “Lights on Nome” production is all the doing of the young man, his father said, adding, “All I do is pay for the electricity.”

As the video below shows, the display incorporates elements of a nighttime show at Disneyland and maybe the fountains outside the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.

Watch for yourself and consider making the trip to see it in person. Even though Christmas is over, the display continues through Jan. 6 and is in action on the hour from 5 p.m. to midnight.


nome street map


lights on nome1




TBT: Vintage and current views of the Heinz Building in Berkeley

The H.J. Heinz Co. Factory at 2900 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley has been called “Berkeley’s most elegant industrial building” by the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association. The building was constructed in 1927-28 and it operated as a factory until Heinz relocated operations in 1956. A good description and history of the building is available on the BAHA website.

The building has since had other tenants and now is a retail and office center. The building was given city landmark status in 1986 and it is also listed in the California State Historic Resources Inventory.

san pablo and ashby 1940s

A 1940s view looking north of The Heinz Building at San Pablo and Ashby avenues.


san pablo near ashby  today2

The same view today.


san pablo near ashby  1945

Looking south in 1945 at the Heinz Building from San Pablo at Heinz Avenue. Note the two
lines of streetcar tracks. Update and correction: John Stashik, our resident rail expert,
points out that these are not streetcar tracks. “Those tracks in the photo on San Pablo Avenue
were Shipyard Railway tracks. Streetcar service ended in the 1930s north of Ashby. So the
tracks needed to be replaced for the Shipyard service from 1942-45 on San Pablo north of
Ashby and on Grayson Street.”


san pablo near ashby  today

The same view today, with the tracks long removed and a median and left turn lane added.

heinz building 1966 ad

A 1966 Berkeley Gazette ad for the Packaging Company of California, housed in the 
Heniz Building.